E.T. Phone Home

I was sitting alongside the road, waiting for a tow truck to come and give me a lift when I started thinking about telephones. I suppose staring at phone lines and polls while stranded – did I tell you how annoying it can be when waiting for a towing service to come to your rescue? – gives one plenty of time to think about silly things like old movies with telephones.  In the eighties, my favorite movie was E.T. I loved that movie and all the characters.  I bought a copy of it on DVD for my young boys to watch and they love it.  I wonder what kind of cell phone would be E.T.’s phone of choice these days.

Old Phone Numbers

Is it just me, or do you remember old phone numbers that mean absolutely nothing in your current life? For example, I remember the phone number of my best childhood friend. My first phone number as a kid rolls right off my tongue even though it’s been 25+ years since I’ve called it mine. I wonder if it’s been repurposed to someone else now that my family is no longer using it?  Heck, I even remember the phone number to a local towing company from my home town. Unfortunately, back then, we had to use that towing company a little too frequently. Doctor’s offices, school, the next door neighbor.  Random phone numbers are kind of neat to remember when they take you back to times gone by.

Land Lines

Anyone out there still have a land line? If so…why? Do you keep it because of your home security system? You know that’s not necessary anymore, right?  A land line is a complete waste of money. I know some keep it because they contend that they’d be SOL if they could not get cell phone service in their home and an emergency happened. Really? You mean neither your phone nor your spouse’s nor your children’s cell would be in working order all at once? I just don’t believe it. Not gonna happen. Stop wasting money and get rid of your land line.

Cell Phone Fads

It seems like every time a new cell phone is introduced, there are certain people within my circle of friends who have to rush out and upgrade. I have to admit, I feel the same pressure to upgrade thing in my life…just not cell phones. When it comes to home décor, or my wardrobe, or my vehicle, I’m very inclined to do what it takes to hang with the Jones’.  So, I get it when others choose to do the same with technology.  But, honestly, how much can technology change from one year to the next? I mean, if you are on the cutting edge of buying new technology and are always snagging the latest and greatest devices, you are going to pour out some major cash. And for what? The ability to say you have the latest and greatest? I’d say usually it’s not because you actually think the device itself is far superior to the one that is only 12 months older than the new one. Right?

Works Cell Phones

I’m curious what people think about work cell phones. Recently, I was in a very large meeting at work, for director level and above, and the CFO of our company was talking about how cell phones are almost an entitlement. He questioned whether or not having a cell phone truly is a big part of our jobs, or if people simply have come to expect it. I can tell you that I certainly do a lot of staying connected through email on my phone while I’m out of the office. I definitely remember the times when not everyone had a cell phone so the expectation to always be current with the goings within your job scope while out of the office was less of an expectation.  I kind of miss those times on one hand, but on the other hand, it is convenient to be able to have access to what’s going on with my team and not feel so disconnected when I do return.  I’m sure there are a thousand points of view on this topic.